When are you having kids?

When we are not touring you'll find us in Montreal. Which is in Quebec. Which is in Canada. 

How long is your show?

Do you provide your own sound system?


Can you do a flip for me right now?

Where do you live?

We have 80 minutes total of stage material. We typically divide it up to create two unique 40 minute shows.

How big of a stage do you need?

Will you perform at my event for free?

The bigger the better. Minimum is 15 feet x 10 feet. We also need high ceilings! Minimum is 12 feet, but we will have to modify some of our tricks.

Next question.

Are you a couple?


Yep! Dreams do come true!


Couple of acrobats? Yes.  Oh-- you mean "Are we together?" Like together together. Yes to that too.

Is this your real job?