Etienne and Leah's 30-45 minute show can be performed on stage or outdoors and is an enjoyable experience for young and old alike. The show is always high energy, memorable and unique. A guaranteed crowd pleaser! 

Whether juggling bowling pins or each other, the most important thing is the love and joy brought to everything they do. 

Schools & Camps

We show kids that with work, intelligence
and friendship you can do anything. And we
​make it fun!

Theaters & Cabarets

We bring the audience in and make the show personal. Everyone will have
​memorable experience.


We do big tricks and we do them well. That's how we draw huge crowds and create excitement.  

Leah and Etienne are a duo unlike any other.
Quirky contortionist plus charismatic juggler
equals a show that will bring the house down.
Surprises and thrills delight the audience with over-the-top feats of strength, agility and absurdity. Leah and Etienne are the perfect couple, but there are only two things that can ruin this relationship: he's one and she's the other.